Arabic Language Keyboard Cover Skin for Macbook Air 13" 18/19 Touch ID

الموديل: 799223332T67

Suitable Device: 

for US Layout New MacBook Air 13-inch with Touch ID Model: A1932 -- Released since 2018 / 2019 



-Anti-bacteria properties
-Stop germs by placing in boiling water or washing with soapy water
-Strong and durable
-Easy to apply
-Fits every contour of your keyboard
-Unique thinness gives excellent feel

-Fit for US layout keyboard only




1)  A new concept to keep keyboard safe

2)  Made of durable flexible silicone. Provide ultra comfortable feeling for your typing

3)  Diminish the sound of keyboard

4)  Protect your keyboard against everyday hazardous element that may get in between the keys like the dust, food particles, insects and liquid

5)  Prevents keyboard keys from general wear and tear caused by everyday use

6)  Washable and easy to remove

7)  Comfortable and soft to touch

8)  Manufactured to the highest available quality

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