Rotatable Sports Armband universal For All iPhones

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Armband and Wristband Bicycle Phone Holder (4 to 6.5 inch)
Armband Length: 370 mm +/- 10 mm
Armband Width: 50mm
Wristband Length: 270 mm +/- 10 mm
Wristband Width: 50mm
Bicycle band Length: 75 mm +/- 10 mm
Bicycle band Width: 22mm
Color: Black
Material: Nylon, Plastic, Silicone
Armband Applicable Size: 22-36cm/8.6''~ 14.2''
Wristband Applicable Size:14-22cm/5.5''~ 8.6'' Compatible Screen Size: 4''~ 6.5'' phone
Equipment Weight: 83g ( 2.9 oz)
Package Weight:
Packing Size: 50*65*125mm

Package Included
1 Smart phones Sport Armband

1 Smart phones Sport Wristband

1 Phone Holder


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