Flydigi Wasp Feelers 2 Pro Finger Sleeve For PUBG-BLack/Yellow

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Flydigi Beehive 3 Sleep-proof Sweat-proof Professional Touch Screen Thumbs Finger Sleeve for iOS Android PUBG Mobile Game



  • More sensitive operation and stronger sweat resistance
  • Innovative silver ion ring yarn technology to promote sweat absorption and volatilization
  • Constant comfort friction, easy to shoot. Make a stable contribution to the team battle
  • Four-way elastic structure, universal for thumb and index finger
  • Hot-melt flanging process, seamless closing, preventing off-line
  • Made of carbon fiber
  • Made of silver ion ring yarn
  • More sensitive operation and stronger sweat resistance

Package include:

  • 2 x Flydigi Beehive Sweatproof Gloves (1 Pairs)

Sweatproof and Anti-slippery Gives you Long-lasting Coolest Gaming Experience. Say goodbye to the moment when you lose the game because of Sweat Hands.

The friction would change if your finger is too sweaty or dry then it would affect your gaming experience. Flydigi Finger Sleeve can stabilise the friction into a comfortable zone to help you aim where you want to aim.

Flydigi is focusing on the four main features of finger sleeve. We invest a long time doing a lot of research about the finger sleeves on the market then find out the four keypoints to build the perfect finger sleeve.

Can be worn on Both Thumbs and Forefingers

Offer You Long-lasting Coolest Gaming Experience. Four Fingers to cooperate, full coverage of any operations.


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