Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

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  • G-shaped sensor, 50g change can be detected.
  • Highly accurate BIA chip for easy understanding of body fat percentage.
  • 13 Body data to fully know the health of body Balance ability test
  • Three weight unit: Jin(0.5kg), Kilogram and Pound for easy reading.
  • Weighing Scale From 0.1KG to 150KG

    New elegant smart weight from Xiaomi is here. As in the previous model, the top plate is made of tempered tempered glass and is only 14.75 mm high. Its modern white design fits in with every interior and literally anyone can handle it. Just stand on the scale and it will turn on automatically after three seconds. You can tell it is turned on by the built-in LED display that adapts its light to the ambient light.





    Make the most of statistics in MiFit

    MiFit application is certainly well known at least to all MiBand users. And you can also remember the weight chart at the bottom of the start screen. With this smart weight, you will finally be able to make the most of it and not enter the weight data manually. With Bluetooth 5.0, you can pair your balance with your smartphone to automatically sync data to the app. You can then easily monitor your progress from the graph.


    What is her cleverness?

    Being smart, of course, does not only mean that it is able to connect to the app on your phone. The balance uses advanced algorithms to analyze your overall fitness with thirteen body pointers. In addition to weight it can measure the amount of fat and water in the body or determine the amount of muscle mass (bioelectric impedance analysis). Based on this data, she is able to calculate your BMI and recommend daily calorie intake. An interesting novelty is also a balance test, just stand on one leg and learn the degree of your stability.


    The whole family and kinship in memory

    Because not everyone has to have an application and the head capacity is limited, the scale itself offers memory for 16 individual profiles. After creating a profile and subsequent weighing, the user automatically identifies the user and the measured values ​​are stored in his profile. There is no need for human intervention at all. The weight even recognizes between an adult and a child and adapts their recommendations accordingly. The power supply of the balance is solved by four AAA batteries, which means a maximum battery life of up to 240 days.


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